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5 GeekDate Tips: Because “Dating” Doesn’t Have an Easy To Read Manual (Or a Joystick…)

Stop looking at me like that. Geeks date. I know. I’m a Geek.

Granted, our dates may look a bit different than the standard and so I decided to ask my fellow geeks on Twitter to help compile a nice, compact set of GeekDate tips.

What did we learn?

Geeks have standards and they’re not afraid to test you. Here are the Top 5 GeekDate Suggestions:

  1. Take a trip to the comic/bookstore together. Book discussion and joint perusal is common foreplay among geeks. *First date note: If they get bored in the DnD section, go cheap on dinner and consider it an evening.
  2. Spend the evening in or at your local coffee place having long innuendo filled conversations/discussions. *First date note: including complex sentences/video game review and content analysis is always a plus.
  3. Spend a night at the arcade playing competitive air hockey, mini golf, and other games. *First date note: DDR may be a warning sign. Please watch for song choice.
  4. Dinner and a movie. (Call me old-fashioned). *First date note: Extra points for midnight showings. Double points for having purchased or ordered online.
  5. Head for a Con, go in costume and have a contest on who can get the most pics taken of themselves with other people.. *First Date Note: If the “going in costume”suggestion gets you one of those looks, then you can skip the first date.

One comment that fell into the #geekdatefail column, and one I heartily agree with:

Debating is awesome foreplay, but not when the duel surrounds “who” is smarter. Not cute…pls don’t try to convince me you are smarter than me. That’s offensive. And simply untrue. (Courtesy of @ArkhamAsylumDoc)

I have to say, all in all, it was an eye opener. I used to look down on my Geek nature. I used to think of myself as “different and not in a good way”.

Now I’m too busy trying to figure out where I can find the perfect shade of yellow for my Faye Valentine top to care…

…even if I may only be wearing it for a few minutes. ::wink::

Got something we missed? ;-)

my thanks to@geeksdreamgirl @hollychan @mayafish @LiterateKnits @comigirl @th3maw @mad_cow_chris@ @geck0man @Gianavel @Kintay (and anyone else who answered) for all of the great suggestions. Geek Love!


  1. French Fry bar? Point the way! First date, here we come!

  2. No need to find the perfect shade of Faye top — just borrow mine. I hardly ever wear it anymore…

    … not since The Accident.

    Besides, I never did really fill it out. (Although there was a brief time in college where I took advantage of the french fry bar too much, but I worked most of that off).

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    Love love LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh (and vigorous nods of agreement).

    –Megan (@mcos)

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