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10 Things You Should Avoid Posting on Twitter (for 2010)

This was originally posted back in July of 2009, but it seems to continue to get traffic and I’m curious why. I started thinking that, maybe, people are looking for help on Tweeting — and I know people who know the ins and outs of tweeting. ::grin::

So, here’s the original 10. I think we may need to revisit and update the list. ;-)

Please feel free to comment below and share with friends. This is, after all, a public service.

10 Things You Should Avoid Posting on Twitter

  1. That nasty rash has cleared up. Go Valtrex. WooT!
  2. Posted bail on that Cyberstalking charge. How YOU doin’?
  3. Hellz Yeah! Parents are gone. Party at my house! 1245 Smith Street, Buena Park 8PM!
  4. Man, if my wife finds out I cheated on her, I’m gonna be so screwed!
  5. RT @cocoa RT @Micha RT @Heidi1975 RT @LolaL999 RT @Kiki6755 Hi!!!!
  7. Anyone help me with configuring my remote access? IP addy is, admin pw is l769.
  8. (a “tweet series”.) Walking into house now > Walking to restroom > In Bathroom Now > Using toilet > Done, skipping hand-washing this time
  9. Hey pretty pretty, you look sexy, let’s bang
  10. [name here] wasn’t the father either! ALL RIGHT YOU GUYS WHICH ONE OF YOU WAS IT?”



  1. You should add jokes about spitting/swallowing and Freudian references to one’s father & Harrison Ford. A friend and I just had to banhammer some jackass for those delightfully inappropriate tweets. >_<

  2. i’m somewhat with Megan, although I do find it handy to figure out if a certain website (or app) is down or it’s just me

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