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Wizard of Oz: Apocalypse – Now Casting.

Through the magic and beauty of the Twitter/Tumblr random rt tumbl of Zeblue, came this amazing image done by the fabulous Daily Cow.

Not only does this need to be a movie, but I think we need an entire dream cast. Come on, internet. Be awesome.

Casting suggestions for (and if you choose CGI for anyone, please mention voice cast please?):

Tin Man
Cowardly Lion
The Wizard
The Wicked Witch (edit: I had a question of if the witch is alive. But, hey…it’s a sequel. You know how that goes. Zombie Witch perhaps?)

if you have more…heck, go for it ::grin::

(Oh, once upon a time I used to know how to write a “breakdown” but my days in casting have long passed.)


  1. Grrr.
    I’m a Wizard of Oz nerd.
    I’ve seen the movie more times than I can count and read all of the books multiple times.
    That being said…I’m not including the Wicked Witch. There are plenty of evil people in Oz capable of bringing about the Apocalypse.
    Like the gnome king?! Dude is evil.
    So I’m nixing that bitch and just going with the main cast.

    Dorothy-EEK! This one is the hardest for me. Someone who is amazingly kick-ass, and sweet (but not too much), hardened by life…uhhh. Know what, fuck it. I didn’t want to choose two Firefly cast members, but I’m choosing Summer Glau. Seriously? How perfect would she be?! Pretty damn perfect. Can I has new poster with Summer’s face?
    Scarecrow-Nathan Fillion-The leading man. And as we learn from…everything he’s ever done…he’s pretty AND he has brains!
    Tin Man-R.Patterson—JUST KIDDING! My real choice for this is Jim Sturgess. So adorable and so easily portray’s one who is optimistic in love (Across the Universe anyone?)
    Cowardly Lion-This one’s so hard! (that’s what she said…) But I think my final choice is Ryan Reynolds. He’s funny, can be a little sappy, but always with the slight tones of false superiority and ridiculousness.
    The Wizard-Hugo Weaving. I was gonna go with Michael Caine, but…m’eh. He doesn’t fit. I just desperately want him too.

    Now, that sufficiently tired me out and entertained me.

  2. Dorothy: Jessica Biel, but only after six months of protein shakes and working out
    Scarecrow: Simon Pegg
    Tin Man: Patrick Warburton
    Cowardly Lion: Nathan Fillion
    The Wizard: Chris Eccleston
    Glinda: Lady Gaga (hooray for stunt casting!)
    Zombie Wicked Witch: Rachel Weisz

  3. Somehow that picture screams Natalie Portman as Dorothy to me.

  4. Dan Dan

    Dorothy: Summer Glau
    Scarecrow: Christopher Walken
    Tin Man: Thomas Hayden Church
    Cowardly Lion: CGI with the voice of Jason Lee
    The Wizard: Donald Sutherland
    Glinda: Amy Adams
    WWW: Helena Bonham Carter

  5. Steven Seagal as the TinMan and myself as the scarecrow.

  6. Dorothy : Anne Hathaway
    Scarecrow : William H. Macy
    Tin Man : Nathan Fillion
    C. Lion : Jack Black
    The Wizard: Andy Serkis (with lots of CGI)
    Glinda : Cate Blanchet
    Zombie W. : Sigourney Weaver

    Glad I read the tweet about the Zombie Witch before I posted this LOL

  7. D_S_Designs D_S_Designs

    I really see the following:

    Rutger Hauer- the Tin Man
    Natalie Portman- Dorothy
    David Tennant- Cowardly Lion
    Glinda- Morena Baccarin
    WWW- Angelina Jolie

  8. Katee Sackhoff for an ass-kicking Glinda. Anastasia Griffith for a gentler Glinda.
    Beth Riesgraf for Dorothy.
    Aldis Hodge OR Jamie Bamber for Tin Man.
    Callum Keith Rennie for the Wizard.
    Matthew Bomer for Scarecrow.
    Alan Tudyk for Cowardly Lion.

    (If it’s post WoO I, is there still a Wicked Witch?)
    Anne Hathaway OR Kate Beckinsale or Gemma Arterton for the Wicked Witch.

  9. ++Jeff Goldblum
    Neil Patrick Harris for Cowardly Lion
    Steve Carrell for Tin Man
    Angelina Jolie Dorothy (per pic)
    I would make an excellent Wizard!

  10. For some reason Jeff Goldblum jumps out at me for the Scarecrow.

  11. Me! Pick me for the Wicked Witch..I voicework and am the biggest bitch when pissed off!!!!!

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