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Win Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo Tarot and Vampire Tarot oils from BPAL & Entertainment Earth

(We have a winner! Grats to @punkrockscience)

Entertainment Earth and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have teamed up to offer you a chance at winning a gift made for fans of Neil Gaiman, Black Phoenix perfume oils, Tarot, comic books and collectibles.

Just RT the following between now and January 31st. Follow Entertainment Earth’s Geek Girl Diva and BPAL on Twitter (@geekgirldiva @bpal) for additional prize opportunities.

RT to win Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo Tarot & Black Phoenix oils from @bpal & Entertainment Earth’s @geekgirldiva! details:

You could win this Vertigo 20th Anniversary Edition Tarot Deck, the first three scents and tarot card sets from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s 15 Painted Cards from a Vampire’s Tarot series and more!

With evocative card images and illustrations by award-winning artist Dave McKean, the 78 tarot cards in the set are designed to be utilized by any practicioner of tarot. The Major Arcana of the set features an array of Vertigo characters, including:
The Fool – John Constantine
The Magician – Tim Hunter
The High Priestess – Titania, Queen of Faerie
The Hierophan – Morpheus
The Wheel of Fortune – Destiny of the Endless
Death – Death of the Endless
The Devil – Lucifer
The World – Swamp Thing

This anniversary edition also features a softcover 128-page book and an introduction by author Neil Gaiman, plus a black velvet-like drawstring bag to hold the tarot cards. The book cover, box front, spines and velvet-quality bag are gold foil-stamped with a special Sandman 20th Anniversary logo!

In addition to the Vertigo Tarot set, winners will receive the first three scents (the third one isn’t even released yet!) and tarot card sets from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s 15 Painted Cards from a Vampire’s Tarot series, in addition to a “The Fool” t-shirt from Black Phoenix Trading Post.

The series is based on Neil Gaiman‘s short story, 15 Painted Cards from a Vampire Tarot and the corresponding tarot cards were created by Madame Talbot.

Proceeds from every single set and t-shirt go to Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which works to preserve the First Amendment rights of the comics community,


  1. Incredible giveaway. Thanks so much for having it. @MissingLynxx

  2. Lunedi Lunedi

    Any limitations on the location of those who want to join?

  3. starletfallen starletfallen

    Vertigo Tarot… I’ve been wanting that for– god, FOREVER. I would do pretty much anything to get a copy.

  4. You have no idea how much I want this.

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