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Wil Wheaton sends a letter to the past and apologizes for his misdeeds.

Know why I love the internet? Because there is no other way I would have ever hear this story.

During an IM chat this morning, my girl Teresa Jusino mentioned that a letter she got from Wil Wheaton over a year ago was posted on Letters of Note today.

So, I was able to find Teresa’s original blog post (which broke my heart and made me laugh all at the same time) and Wil’s letter (pictured below) and get myself all caught up.

I love this story. Maybe it’s because I was 8 once. Maybe it’s because I had my own crush on Harrison Ford.

Maybe it’s just because I’m always blown away when someone goes out of their way to be nice.

Either way, I’m smiling.

Gee, Wil Wheaton managed to make more than one girl happy with that letter. What a stud.



  1. That is so adorable! No, I am not tearing up at all, really, that would be ridiculous…

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