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Waxing philosophic about perfect music and clouds on Amazon

I’m really trying to avoid sounding like a commercial, so hopefully you’ll hear this as intended.

After the last two weeks, I’ve taken today to just listen to music and try and get a few things organized. I bought the Adele’s 21 a couple weeks back and, save for a quick listen that day, haven’t had time t really listen.


And perfect is necessary right now. If that makes sense.

I’m actually listening to it on the Amazon Cloud Player and I gotta say, no bull, I think it’s a pretty sweet system. I downloaded the album from Amazon, it was already in the player and I have the ability to DL it to iTunes. Plus there’s an app for my BB.

But even if all I have is a computer, I’ll have my music. Which is rather perfect considering my transitory nature these days.

With so many things up in the air, music that feels perfect and a player that allows me to listen?

Yeah. I needed it.


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