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Warcraft Patch Day. I haz Questions for You ;-)

New Cataclysm talents today. Patch incoming and I’m driving to Palm Springs to be a worker bee for my mom.

I think today counts as “busy”.

On the plus side. Been reading the Patch Notes as I wake up and have set up my background downloader.

Luckily, I’ve been playing with the Beta, so I have an idea of what to expect. As a warlock, I gotta say, not having to farm soul shards is awesome. Still working out the kinks on the new shard system. The new warnings for spell procs, however, are super helpful. The pet fly out is amazing. Saves so much space in my UI.

Oh and, speaking of soul shards. Gotta say, I’m loving having more free bag space. ;-)

So, tell me what you’re looking forward to in the patch. he good, the bad, and the ugly.



  1. My hunter I’m looking forward to NO MANA and NO AMMO! Woohoo!!! *dances*

    On my Shammy, I’m really looking forward to more heals, an AoE heal, and the regenerating lightning bolt that deals damage to up to 10 attackers.

    My Pally I’m just excited about having more spells to dish out.

  2. The good: Simplified talent choices, More POWER, the pre-cata event storyline and quests, and the new glyph system

    The bad: re-learning my characters in time for raiding tomorrow, buying all my glyphs at inflated prices (i am sure), and knowing that cataclysm is still months away.

    The ugly: No flying mounts in azeroth yet means I still have to hoof it around in old world. Still annoyed by this.

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