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Want Immortality in the Halls of Geekdom? It Can Be Yours!

Entertainment Earth will be celebrating its 14th anniversary April 1st and we’d like you to be a part of it!

Come up with a slogan, or tagline for Entertainment Earth and you could win:

Entering is easy and the rules are simple.

Just reply in a comment to this post with your tagline. We’ll compile them between now and Friday, March 12th and then our super secret panel of celebrity judges (creative license) will choose a winner.

The new tagline would go here, so bonus points for keeping it short! Previous slogans included “Bring Hollywood Home” and “Have Fun, Be Fun!”

Winning tagline will be unveiled on the Entertainment Earth website on April 1st for all the world to see!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with ::grin::


  1. Your one-stop pop culture shop

  2. Christopher Q. Christopher Q.

    “Showcasing your Geekiness…one toy at a time”

  3. Because the sky’s the limit.

    Let your imagination run wild.

    Tectonic plates of fun. (j/k)

  4. Kris Kris

    Does playtime good. Got toys?

  5. “The Eighth Wonder”

    “Wonders eight through infinity”

    “Vacation from reality”

    …ok I’m done for awhile I swear…

  6. Land of imagination

    Terra De Imaginatio


    Infanitus Imaginatio

    Infanitum Miraculum

  7. “Grab your Fantasy”

    “Hold your fantasy”

    “Hold your imagination”

    “From the Screen to your doorstep”

    “Fantasy is now reality”

    “From Fantasy to Reality”

    “Fantasy you can hold”

    “Imagination you can grab”

  8. Weird, this one is almost the same as the one posted by Heather…

    One Planet, But A Universe Of Fun.

    It might sound better if I shorted it like hers…

    One Planet; Universe of Fun

    …swear i didn’t see yours until I clicked on the comment button Heather!

  9. Entertainment Earth: Where do they get those fabulous toys?

  10. let’s see… maybe:
    Fun for Every Continuity
    A Multiverse of Fun
    One Planet, Infinite Fun

  11. “An Entertainment Fungasm”

    “The Funpocalypse is upon you”

    “EE 2010: The Year You Make Contact with Fun”

  12. Double E’s are much better than Double D’s.

    You know you want it.

    See how far the rabbit hole really goes.

  13. Entertainment Earth: If it’s cool, it’s here.

    Entertainment Earth: Everything you never knew you needed.

    Entertainment Earth: Because no one wants to buy stuff from Entertainment Uranus.

  14. Entertainment Earth:
    In space, no one can hear you squee.

    Entertainment Earth:
    Third rock from the fun!


    Entertainment Earth:
    Because “Titillating Terra” sounds too much like a stripper.

  15. Entertainment Earth:
    “Are you not entertained?”
    “Kiss your boredom goodbye!”
    “More fun than Neptune!”
    “3rd rock-out from the sun.”
    “Saving Earth from fail.”
    “*not available on all planets.”
    “The other planets wish they had this.”

  16. Entertainment Earth:
    “Let there be fun!” or
    “Bringing fun to the universe”

  17. Legendary Entertainment on a Planetary Scale.

  18. Toying With Your Affections Since 1995.

  19. Feeding a geek’s need for fun!

  20. A Whole World of Fun


    A World of Fun

  21. an entire world of good, geeky fun (right at your fingertips!)

  22. Where infatuations become ownership

  23. E.E. for Everything Entertainment

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