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UberDork Cafe is Art + Science= Geek

I’ll tell you a little secret.

I’ve always wanted to own my own cafe/bookstore.

However, life and other various things have sort of gotten in the way (you know how it goes. We alllll know how it goes.)

So you have to know how much I respect my friend Natali for what she’s done to make her own

As my fave UberDorkGirlie writes: “In essence, UberDork Cafe is Art + Science= Geek in a family-friendly environment that supports local vendors and artists, the earth and gives back to the community not only by providing a safe place for youth to play and learn, but also in financially assisting future Art + Science= Geeks.”

We all know, every little bit helps. So, if you can donate, cool, but every little link and tweet helps. ;-)

Thanks Geek With Curves for the reminder ;*

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  1. I used to think I wanted to own a cafe, so I bought one. Then I realized that I just wanted to decorate one and sit in it, and have someone else do all the actual work involved in running a business. I sold mine, but best of luck to those on their new venture.

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