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Twitter Me This…

When I start my morning wanting to make #captainobvious a trending topic on Twitter because everyone suddenly noticed Adam Lambert was gay, I can tell I’m feeling snarky.

It seems like I’ve been a bit on the cranky side recently. Not sure why. Then again, from the tweets and blogs I’ve been reading, it feels like snarky/cranky/disgruntled seems to be going around.

Maybe if I ask around, I’ll get a bit of insight as to why I’ve been in such a fraktastic mood.

So, what’s up, people? General malaise? June gloom? Information overload?

p.s. For the record, the tweetfest about @geeksdreamgirl and myself battling in Jell-O that filled @muskrat_john with such glee? That was cool. I’m not pissy all the time. ;-)


  1. Must be some weird planetary alignment or something (not that I _truly_ believe that stuff) because there is heaps of bastardy stuff going on all over the place.

  2. Well, i think this is something that we all face sometimes. My solution? Strap on some roller skates and hit a bitch.

    It works for some, and not others. :)

  3. Awww.
    I think it’s June though. June has been feeling like an awful month. This whole summer feels like it’s going to be sketchy.
    Or maybe just until the New Harry Potter movie…

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