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ToyFair 2010 – An L.A. Geek Girl Freezes For The Love Of Toys!

I know I’m about 4 days late, but I was too busy having fun (drinking) seeing toys ( nibbling geekbabes) and networking (nibbling geek boys) to get anything written up during the actual show. Oh and, I was in snow. I’ll get back to that part.

Add the fact that I was in NYC for what could be considered my first time (my other trip didn’t count. No, I’m not gonna say why ;p), and I’m lucky I’m not still running around like a dervish!

Lucky for me, lots of actual media types (way more professional and skilled than I, I must add) were taking pictures of the very cool stuff I saw, so I can link to their amazing images while talking about the toys!

It wasn’t my first stop of the trip, but it’s my first review because I LOVE these! I’m talking about the new Warcraft action figures from DC Direct. Three in particular.

First up: Worgen Spy Garm Whitefang

Worgen? Win. Getting a look at a figure for one of the two new races being introduced in Cataclysm was already cool. Spy leads me to think rogue, which is just cool. Worgen Rogue? Yes please. And it just looks -amazing-.

Credit: Jesse Angelo/UGO

Then, well…

There was the Arthas Menethil Deluxe Collector Figure. Yeah. Deluxe. Honestly, one of the coolest things I saw at the show and I am SO excited!

Credit: Jesse Angelo/UGO

And, while we have a pic of her up at Entertainment Earth, I don’t think people really understand just how amazing the new Sylvanas looks. Maybe it’s because we had to list her as the World of Warcraft Series 6 Forsaken Queen Figure, so people don’t immediately think of her, but I got to see the Hawtness herself and, even if it’s just a phone cam shot, I think it captures her pretty well ;-)

I’m starting there and I’m by no means done. But I’m still recovering. ;-)

UGO has a great gallery of pics for the new Warcraft figures and I’d definitely suggest checking it out. because, well, they’re much better at pics than I am and Tracey John did some great reporting and made gorgeous galleries.

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  1. Thanks for the love! Looking forward to connecting in L.A.!

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