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To FOX & Hollywood From My Inner Fangirl.

Dear Hollywood,

Thanks for doing something I didn’t think was possible.

Thanks for putting a dent in my crush on Harrison Ford.

There is no earthly reason he should have been on the red carpet being asked which team he was “rooting for.” Harrison Ford is known for not being a fan of interviews. He’s not real big on public events and he’s known to be monosyllabic (and medicated) most of the time when forced to be at said events

But someone at Fox decided it was a good idea to get Harrison Ford on the red carpet (clearly either drunk or stoned) as part of the media blitz for Cowboys & Aliens and as part of the obvious Fox media blitz during the game.

Not sure what you guys thought you’d get out of the deal. I know you didn’t get what you expected. I certainly hope you’re proud of yourselves for creating a moment in which a grown man had to point to a scarf in answer to a question and leaving me to wonder if he’s in the beginning stages of dementia.

And, in the process, you made my 13 year old Han Solo loving, Indy crushing, Rick Deckard cheering self cry a little.



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  1. Rachel Rachel

    My crush on him ended when I saw him on the Tonight Show a few years back. He’s not talkative or charming when he doesn’t have a script in front him.

    Too bad, too, because he’s still good looking at his age.

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