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Thoughts on Han & why he left. (Spoilers)

Commence ponderation.

I’ve now seen several people mention that they don’t think Han would have reacted the way he did to Kylo’s turn. That he wouldn’t have left because Han never truly walked away from anything, not really, in the OT.

As a kid with a dad who not only left but stayed away, mentally if not always physically, I 100% understand it.

There was no other time in the OT that Han had to deal with a loss or, worse, a massacre, that he feels utterly responsible for. He know Leia can survive without him. Likely thinks she’s better off with him gone, and so he goes. Back to the thing he knows. That he understands, that lets him forget the time he took a chance & gave his heart & soul…let go of his cynicism, loved someone deeply, and what happened? It blew up in his face.

People run away from failure. They blame themselves & they drown themselves in whatever it takes to forget. Han left because he couldn’t face what he did, to Leia, to Luke…he left because he thought it was best. Like lots of dads. They’re human & they break. Sometimes forever.

I’m still reading the novelization, but I hear there’s info there that explains some of this, so I’m going to go off and read.

Thanks for listening.

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