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Things I saw today that made me say “WANT!”




Most mornings, I go through a bunch of different product sites to look for cool things to talk about on Nerd Approved, Fashionably Geek, and That’s Nerdalicious. As part of that daily search, I find things that I love, but may not be right for the sites for some reason.

Until now, I just shared them on Twitter, but then I thought, why not do a round up of cool stuff I saw? So, I’m gonna do that occasionally.

Check them out after the break and enjoy.


Supernatural Anti-Possession Tattoo Flask $50


fc,550x550,asphalt fc,550x550,forest

New tees from House Organa.





This Fanboy Tears mug for $15.


b-mco-be-one-with-cookie_mnt b-mco-cthookie-monster_sil

These Cookie Monster tees from Teefury. $11 each today.




Obey Cthulhu tee from Teefury for $20


That’s it for today. ;-) Hopefully I’ll keep this up. Let me know if you like the idea in the comments.


  1. You’re terrible for my wallet! Also, your images, besides the flask, seem not to be working on chrome.

    • Geek Girl Diva Geek Girl Diva

      Gahhh. Let me see what I can do.

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