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There’s this guy named @AnthonyIngruber. He does this Harrison Ford/Han Solo impression…

Okay, not gonna lie, I went in skeptical. But I gotta say, this kid has this pretty much nailed.

His name is Anthony Ingruber, he’s one of those Canadian actor types & has a You Tube Channel dedicated to his various impressions (He tends to favor Harrison Ford movies, but he also does a pretty dang good Jeff Goldblum)

It took me a second to realize he wasn’t lip syncing. It’s not perfect. He has a little verbal typo, but overall, it’s pretty spot on.

He even looks a bit like Harrison Ford. I wonder how he’d look as a brunette. Hmmm..

Either way, if you’re gonna watch a Han Solo impression, this would be one to watch. I think this kid deserves an audition if they end up doing a Han standalone for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Thank you EricIGN for the link ;**

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