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There’s A New Kate Bush Album And I Am In Love. (updated)

Must be the day for remakes.

Kate Bush decided to do some reworking on songs from The Red Shoes & The Sensual World.

Oh. My. Goddess. It’s. Unreal.

It’s like she realized that all the sexual tension in the songs (but that I thought she held back) was finally allowed to seep out and infuse everything.

And, holy shit but the redo on Lily is amazing.

Yeah, I’m 3 songs in and totally in love.

Make it 4. Deeper Understanding just got a Deep Forest vibe. ::swoon::

I’m gonna go lay down and listen to the rest of this.

You can check out the entire album on NPR here. You can buy it here.

Update: Had to pause in my listen. Just started again. This Woman’s Work gave me chills. And I agree with the NPR reviewer. There’s more Peter Gabriel in this in a very good way.


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