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The Star Wars Themed L.A. Derby Dolls Promo Rocks

If they’d had this kind of roller derby when I was a kid, I never would have hung up my skates.

This Star Wars themed L.A. Derby Dolls opening bout is pretty dang awesome.

I may need to find my skates. (I just wanna know if I can leave the puffballs on them…)

via Topless Robot


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  1. That is awesome!

    Somebody somewhere had a lot of fun making that.

    Roller derby always looked like something I’d love to do… Too bad there are some petty details keeping me from ever trying it. Like roller derby being completely unheard of in the country where I live. ; j I guess I’ll have to settle for shouldering zombie pedestrians out of my way as I skate to work.

    Thanks for sharing!

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