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The New QMx Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags Product Page Is Up!

You can’t see it, but I’m running around jumping up and down like a madwoman of happy right now because, during my time at Quantum Mechanix, I helped make these dog tags happen. I worked with artist Ben Mund on details. That just, I can’t even, dude, it’s so cool to see them made real.

Now, here’s the thing…if you want them (and you know you do), being on the waiting list is going to be key. QMx is going to gauge how many to make in the first run based on how many people want them, so if you don’t get on the list (and then others don’t, cause you know that happens) and then they set an edition, it’s very likely that they’ll get dog tags and then they’ll go out of stock super fast and there you’ll be, tagless.

So, if you want them, get on the mailing list. I say this as someone who knows first hand just how fast stuff like this goes flying out the door.

And, I mean, really. They’re awesome and shiny.They’re also only 25 bucks!  So you know they’re gonna go fast.

Here’s the link to the item page and waiting list.

I’m gonna go flail some more.

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