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The Inquisition is On at Black Phoenix with Trick or Treat

Halloween is coming and The Inquisition is on at Black Phoenix Trading Post.

BPTP and BPAL are giving you a chance to Trick or Treat and, just like a kid making the candy rounds, there’s chance involved in what you get. ;-)

You might get a Treat…

… you will receive a bottle of one of these Black Phoenix Treat perfume oils, chosen at random:

Ginger Skulls – Zingy crystallized ginger candies with quince and Asian pear.
Licorice Bats – Black licorice with cacao nibs and anise.
Marshmallow Pumpkin – Marshmallow goo and pumpkin pulp! And yes – this, too, is vegan!

Or you may get Tricked…

Bogle – A garish shellycoat: red currant, Spanish mandarin, pumpkin, quince, wild blueberry, and ginger with green tea, vanilla bean, frankincense, tonka, and vetiver.
Muilearteach – Blood red, bone white, and pitch black musks coated in hoarfrost.
Slaugh – Champaca, black tea, tonka bean, and sassafras.

And you can even get an Inquisition Pack which includes a soap, t-shirt, and oil.

Plus, if you purchase an Inquisition pack, you will receive a small spritzer bottle of White Pumpkin Extrait and a Wad of Chewed Up Strawberry Bubblegum (an impful!). White Pumpkin and Wad are not available separately.

However, if you want to get in on the action, you better do it soon. According to the site, “You have until October 10th, 2010, at which point the Imps and Goblins will retire to their conference room and cease to accept orders.”

P.S. I have the Trick and Treat soaps in my hot little hands that I might just give away if you want to plead your case here. (you can view them here)

P.P.S. I just found out that BPAL has a new blog called the Black Phoenix Gazette. You may wanna follow because there may be mischief ahead.


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    I’m working on a fun project for my official Trick/Treat plea.

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