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The Girl Who Bowed To Vader Becomes The Sith Girl

Okay, I never post this much in a day, but how can I not post this?

I posted about Sariah Gallego, the little girl who bowed down to join the Dark Side at the Disney Jedi Academy and, I admit, I was curious if it was her idea or if her parents put her up to it.

Well, Jennifer Landa sat down with Sarah and got the scoop from the SithGirl herself.

Rob over at Topless Robot made a point that I can understand and I’ll admit I’m a bit worried as well by the fact that there’s already merchandise. but maybe her parents just realized this may be the only way to keep the kid stocked on toys and still manage to save for college.

May The Dark Side Be With You Sariah.

Check out more of  Jennifer Landa’s vids here.


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