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The Geek Girl Barbie Lives. Certain People LOL.

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Barbie causes another debate.

I got to see this Computer Engineer Barbie back at ToyFair in February and I was really thrilled.

The gal who posted it over at Buzzfeed thought it was loltastic. Lots of the comments were kind of snarky.

I know it may not be the ultimate geek girl or anything, but I sure never had a doll with a computer job growing up . Plus, this Barbie was chosen by a popular vote on the Barbie website.

Personally, I don’t think that’s “funny”. I think it’s pretty awesome.



  1. I think this ROCKS. My Barbie worked at McDonald’s, for chrissakes.

  2. I love it! The person at BuzzFeed seems to be missing the point. Like it or not, Barbie dolls are very often the first things girls use to imagine a place for themselves in the world. Is it idealized? Sure. But that’s what play is FOR. And how awesome is it that girls can now play at working with computers while also having great fashion sense. :)

    I wonder how the Nerd Girls feel about this!

  3. I know I am getting one for my Niece. umm and maybe one for me. There is nothing wrong with pink.

  4. Kes Kes

    One comment I loved was “Okay, Mattel, you’ve come this far, now make a Penelope Garcia Barbie.” [edited :P ]

    Yes. This. Because Garcia rocks manymany socks.

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