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Team Unicorn is Totally Pandering. Of COURSE. Duh.*

*(Sarcasm in titles is really not easy. Like, at all. But if you hear it with the eyeroll in the right place, then you’ll get it ::grin::)

Y’know how Team Unicorn put out a video and a wave of people came out to unleash anger and vitriol and talk about how they’re not real geek girls and pandering and all that?

(If not, just go check the comments on their latest video for “For The Win” over on You Tube.)

I’ve seen a lot of commenting about the reaction, and the whole geek girls/pandering/hot chicks faking it thing came up again. (le sigh).

And I know it bugs people every time it happens. I know people come out and defend and feel angry and geek women want to Hulk smash and geek men want to come out and say “I’m not like those neanderthals” and all of that…

Well, I had a thought last night and I won’t leave my brain, so I want to share it and maybe that’ll put it to rest.

The people who go to the trouble to spew anger and/or hate and/or OMG HOT FAKE GEEK GIRLS SPEWING GEEK REFERENCES HAWWWWWWTTT NOT are trolls.


Those same people would be just as mean and angry and OMG about a video that was made by “regular looking” geek girls. But then they’d be laughing at how their ass didn’t fit in the costume, or how skinny they were or how their glasses looked or how girls don’t actually play video games and OMG FAKE GEEK GIRLS.


That’s all they are. They’re not looking for reasoned debate. They’re not looking to have a conversation. And they’re just as prevalent on geek sites as they are You Tube. They may be a bit less mean, but they happen.

And I think it comes down to one of two mindsets on the part of the poster:

1) That girl totally wouldn’t fuck me. Not ever. Screw her. FAKE!

2) I wouldn’t touch that with someone else’s dick. No way. FAKE.

I’m not saying everyone who questions the nature of women and their geekdom is a troll and I’m not saying that conversation isn’t good, but identifying trolls helps up better decide where we want to use the energy to fight and where we can just call a troll a troll and choose a more effective tactic.

That’s what Team Unicorn did. They called out the Unicorn Geek Corps to down vote the negative and leave positive comments. They used the system trolls love to use against them.

I think there’s a lesson in that.

Thought complete. I’m off to find caffeine.


p.s. Um, can I be in the next video? ;-)

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One Comment

  1. OMG I’m sooo tired of the “fake geek girls” bullsh*t that comes up every time a pretty lady does something nerdy.

    Let’s assume for a second the Fake Geek Girl exists. What exactly is it that these fake-geek-girl-haters think that the FGG’s end game is?
    “Ooh Ima pretend to be a geek so that I can taunt the real nerdy men and they’ll lust after me. Ha ha!”

    Um. ew.

    Seriously, though, if FGGs were actually a problem, then the solution would be to just ignore them and they’d get bored and go away. Just like trolls. (Hopefully.)

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