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Sugar Daddy Ken!? Barbie, You Saucy Minx!

Okay, okay. Hold on a sec. I’m…what?!

When I was a kid, Barbie had a Plane and a Camper and a Dreamhouse. Barbie had all the clothes she could ever need, she could wear heels and have a huge rack and not fall over — I mean, she was a superwoman!

I thought she did it by herself. I thought she bought that Corvette and Jeep with her own money doing whatever it was Barbie did…

But, the truth is out.

Someone call Perez Hilton or TMZ!

Turns out Barbie has a Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken!

Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

Click it. You have to…I…look at the DOG!

What do you say? Really?

There’s even a Barbie Palm Beach Collection…my childhood. It burns me precious.


  1. Ken Ken

    I saw Ken on He is a real hottie with that lime green sport coat. What year was that from lol?

  2. wowza! Did you check out the forehead on that fine hunk of man?

    Wonder if it’s true what they say?? Oh wait.. that’s the feet.

  3. … and here I thought the Ken doll with the Cock ring hanging around his neck was the most hilarious thing I’d ever seen but…

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Uuummmm, that’s not Sugar Daddy Ken……that’s Perez Hilton Ken in 40 years. I dunno, does he have a frou frou dog?

  5. I… he looks a bit evil. Evil, or possibly stoned. It’s his eyes.

  6. Ken is gayer than ever.

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