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Singapore Has A Battlestar Galactica Roller Coaster? I Need To Go To Singapore NAO!

I’m gonna copy this directly from the site, because, frak me…it just sounds so cool.

Choose your side – HUMAN or CYLON – as you engage in the ultimate intergalactic battle between good and evil on the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters!  Themed after the hit television series Battlestar Galactica, these spectacular, intertwined coasters offer a truly exhilarating adventure as you twist, turn and drop in an intense aerial dogfight. 
Riders on both coasters will experience unbelievable thrills as they race towards each other and nearly collide!

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN® 
Zooming at speeds of 82.8 km/h, the HUMAN Viper Mark II is a seated coaster that propels you 14 storeys into the air while pursuing your enemy

Battlestar Galactica: CYLON®The CYLON Raider is a suspended roller coaster that will turn your world upside down as it runs through a vertical loop, corkscrew and cobra roll.

Seriously, I need to get to Singapore. Like, today.



  1. Kat Kat

    At first I just wanted to stick to Human because some sites say it was the “tamer” of the two, but in the end I tried both. The Cylon has a part where you experience a few seconds of weightlessness (at least, that’s how it seemed for me). Awesome fun!

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