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Sex In The City Is Star Wars For Chicks?

There’s a guy…(thank you, Dr. Denis Leary)…over at the Huffington Post who said “First off, ladies, I get it. It’s your Star Wars.” as an opener to his review of Sex and the City 2.

Okay, so…before I take a serious swipe at this guy, I’m trying to decide if he meant to sound like a jerk ;-)

If he’s serious, then I don’t need to smack him down, since Tracy King over at Skepchick pretty much served him a can of whoop ass in a nice, neat, package right here.

But something tells me that the “Writer, Humorist” tags next to his byline may be more to the point and that, in fact, he wasn’t trying to say that SATC is Star Wars for those of us with lady parts. He actually references SW throughout the article and checks in with the “ladies” as he does so to make sure his SATC/SW connections are right.

Oh and, he states that he hasn’t even seen SATC2 — so he knows he’s pulling these references right out of his ass ;-)

Which means, if I’m right, then we don’t need to nerd rage at him for saying SATC is our Star Wars. Nope.

What we need to do is mock him for comparing the SATC series to Eps. 4 – 6.




Then again, somehow it does give new meaning to “You came in THAT thing? You’re braver than I thought.”


  1. A) It’s Denis Leary.


    ‘Nuff said.

  2. hmm… not a big SATC guy… watched some (in the neighborhood of 15-20) of the shows on HBO and was disappointed there was way more CITY than SEX (hey, I’m just a guy, being honest). But from the outside looking in I could see SATC being on a popularity scale with SW in certain demographics.

    But the differences seem to me to be in those demographics:
    Star Wars has seemed to transcend gender. Star Wars transcends age and somewhat race (asians seem to have a big fan base – and a good percentage of African-Americans). I could be wrong and I probably am, but in my circle of friends, family and co-workers (I deal with nearly a 1000 employees as a benefits rep – so I have contact and small talk with lots of ppl) it would appear that SATC appeals “mostly” to 30+ white women (and maybe a certain percentage of the gay population). The African-American and Asian (Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese) women I deal with seem to have no interest and the younger generation seem to have little more interest but not that much more.

    But SW does has nearly 35 years of history and has engraved itself into the fabric of American culture. SATC has along way to go to achieve all that; in time, maybe?… but the comparison made via a humorist quip by some guy tryin to get a “smirk” outta people reading his column – it works.

  3. This review isn’t about feminism or geekery. I don’t even think it’s worth talking about. Why? Because this review is ASININE and a WASTE OF BLOG SPACE. It would be one thing if he actually SAW the movie and tried to make comparisons…but this is just pointless. Pretty much just an excuse to write about Star Wars. Which is FINE. But then, WRITE ABOUT STAR WARS. Why pretend you’re writing this about another movie? And it wasn’t even funny. The second he went on and on about how he’d never even seen the show, I was like, “This guy’s a TOOL.” Whatever. It was a misguided attempt at humor and nothing more.

    Also, Carrie IS Luke, but SAMANTHA is mothereffing Han Solo. And he’d KNOW that if he actually WATCHED the damn show! :)

  4. ok so its a generalization he makes to be funny. but generalizing women as an entire group is the same as generalizing any other group. ie.. wrong and incorrect and stupid.

    also yeaaaa.. SATC is NOT star wars. it’s not even the same galaxy of leagues.

    now i dont want to just shit all over SATC. yea the movies have sucked and we can critique every episode as examples of what is wrong with out society. simple fact is, its a show carried by women, about women and that doesn’t vilify women for being independent.

    so maybe.. MAYBE… it’s something Leia would watch on the holonet.

    when she was really bored.

  5. Well… I’m taking the whole tone of the review as incredibly tongue-in-cheek. It’s raised some interesting points. In terms of SATC, it *is* in a way, that level of fandom. Women who love it, including myself, LOVE it. We all have our own interpretations of the minutiae, character factions and identification, etc. The comparison between the series and the movies is also a fair one. However, I *have* seen the entire series and both movies in the theater. What has gobsmacked me, is that in reviews and in commentary, there is such complete hostility. The, “Feminists,” get all patriarchal and judgy, and the reviewers, esp. male reviewers, act as if it’s the most atrocious dreck on the face of the planet. To be truthful, SW 1-3, are far more self-indulgent, poorly crafted, narratively bankrupt examples of filmmaking, IMHO.
    I’ll point out, as is my wont – I saw Episodes 4-6 in original theatrical run, still have my soundtrack double album on vinyl and may still have, somewhere in the attic warren, my Millenium Falcon and action figures. Getting a little tired of the assumptions that we have to pick ONE. It’s a non-binary world, and THAT is what sticks in my craw about Siedell’s review.

  6. May I point you in the direction of one of his stand ups.

    *points at a specific song dealing with the opening of a person’s bum*

    Because he “drives really slow, in the ultra fast lane, while people behind [him] are going insane…”

    *dances away*

  7. I actually was going to write a blog post comparing SATC2 to the Phantom Menace as being the shallow, effects driven equivalent to a loved and groundbreaking franchise. Go Mr. Leary for seeing this.

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