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Rant: MySpace & The Match.Com Babes.

I am the victim of a conspiracy.

My daily tasks include uploading the Entertainment Earth Daily News Story to our MySpace page.

And every day. EVERY DAY, I get whapped in the face with those really bad Match.Com Babes on my screen doing that “OMG everything you say is so funny and I’m playing with my hair and typing and looking really interested in everything you say” thing.

However, that’s not the conspiracy. Bear with me.

Today I go to post and I am met with a new video of the latest Match.Com babe literally chair dancing and shaking what her mama gave her. I swear, I had this immediate urge to put a dollar in the computer to somehow compensate for the peep show.

Forget any pretense of “chatting”. This ad has moved right on to webcam and cyber foreplay. ::grin::

Still not the conspiracy, BTW. Just gross. ;-)

The conspiracy?

When I tried to go back and get the video to load. When I tried to get a the dang ad to load so I could vid cap or screen grab or anything…

It didn’t come up. 25 refreshes of the page the ad ALWAYS appears on and NOTHING.

What up with that?

For the record, I don’t hate those ads because of the babes or the fact that they’re cute or even for the chair dancing.

I hate them because they’re fake. No woman is THAT into what you’re saying and looks that great chatting online.

Throw her in a pair of sweats, a pair of glasses and show her swigging a beer while smirking playfully and I’d be much happier. ;-)

Am I the only one who thinks this? There’s got to be a better ad campaign.


  1. You should also note that constant nagging and repeating ‘Come look…’ every five minutes is not a good thing.

  2. Yes, I must agree with Josh, what is so unearthly strange about that rapt attention? Oh wait, now I know, they’re vids of real girls, not CGI’d video game babes…ah.

    Ah, dangit, perhaps I am sharing too much..

  3. Odd… I’m used to that level of rapt fascination and constant attention when I’m talking to women. I didn’t even notice anything was out of the ordinary when I ran into their doe-eyed gaze and constant giggling… ; )

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