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Rant Incoming re: The San Diego sex scandal and my disgust with Lee Burdick

I need to rant. It’s political in nature and relates to a sex scandal in San Diego, so feel free to just skip it if you’re not interested. I totally understand.

Okay, if you stayed, then I now need to apologize for NSFW language. ‘Cause it’s coming.

I watched this video last night and I’m still pissed this morning. I woke up and the first thing I thought about was just how fucking pissed I was about this woman’s behavior and her absolute shamelessness as she both throws feminism under the bus and talks out of both sides of her mouth at the same time.

Some background: San Diego mayor Bob Filner has been accused of sexual harassment by no less than 8 women. There’s an entire timeline over at the AP, but basically here’s the deal.

When women started coming forward, he denied it. More women, he denied it and said he wouldn’t resign. More women and then some policy was put into place where he wouldn’t be allowed to be in the same room with a woman alone and that his chief of staff would be in the room if he was with women. That CoS quit after having had the job only 10 days. New CoS was appointed. 2 more women came forward and then Filner announced he was taking two weeks off for “treatment” during a press conference.

The city is trying to recall him, people are suing and Filner even had the gall to ask the city of San Diego to pay his legal fees. Their answer was no. I like to imagine they added “fuck you very much”, but that’s just me.

Up to this point, I was disgusted but I figured the city of San Diego would work it out and they didn’t see to have any tolerance for his shenanigans.

Then I saw this interview done by Melissa Harris Perry who was filling in for Rachel Maddow last night. Melissa interviewed Lee Burdick, Filner’s new Chief of Staff, and I lost it.

There’s not a single doubt in my mind that this women is setting herself up to be named an interim mayor of the city or will run once the job is vacated. She seems to love using words like “allegations” and “truth” but she has them completely out of context in this case.

Somehow, she manages to acknowledge Filner’s actions and deny that there’s any truth to the women’s allegations all in the same interview. Melissa Harris Perry does a great job here, but I think even she was left speechless by the utter gall of this woman.

The idea that this woman can sit here, straight faced, forwarding her agenda while literally stepping on women who have been harassed by the asshole she’s “defending” makes me sick. The idea that she thinks using legal nuance makes it okay? Well, that made me want to punch her in the face.

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So, yeah, fuck this bitch. /end rant

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