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Random Rambles and a Friday Wrap Up.

I wasn’t able to get Scott from Hyde and Geek on a guest blog this week (thanks phone company! Long story) but he did a very cool post on his blog, so please check it out.

Hopefully I’ll get to hit up the Star Trek movie this weekend. I know I geekfail for waiting this long, but I’ve managed to stay unspoiled, so I’m totally looking forward to it.

Apparently a few folks on Twitter think it would be a good idea for me to spend my evening tweeting drunk. I plan to drink, I plan to play WoW. But I can’t decide if they’re courting disaster. Drunken Wow and Twitter? Yes or no?

On a WoW note, I’m all ready to get my Blizzcon tix. Now I just have to hope the site stays up.

And, I want this to arrive already. November is way too far away ;-(

I hope the weekend treats you well and kisses in your general direction!


  1. Drunk Twittering? Yes. By god, yes.

    Drunk WoW? ARE YOU INSANE????

  2. Ha!

    Honestly, though, if you’re the type to tweet *wildly* inappropriate things whilst intoxicated, then maybe you should avoid it.

    But it would still be more fun (for us, I’m sure) if you didn’t. ]:)

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