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Rain Songs (I’m being a wistful Kate Bush & Annie Lennox Fan)

The rain just started and I was looking for a song. I was in a mood, so I googled “Kate Bush rain”.

This was among the results. It’s not Kate. It’s a gal named Happy Rhodes doing a song called “When The Rain Came Down.”

If you like Kate, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox, Sia, Adele, Janis Ian, Toni Childs or any number of other amazing female voices, you’re going to love this.

And, yes, it’s one person. Both voices ;-) There are several people who think it’s a duet between Annie & ┬áKate. But nope.

Recorded version:

Live version (started at about :42)

I love discovering new music.


I just found this video of Adele on the Brit awards last night. Live, amazing, gorgeous.

She’s 22 years old, people. And this is live.




  1. Thanks for sharing – these were both beautiful and I felt quite tingly afterwards :)

  2. Discovered Happy vi – once you have scrobbled for a while, they make a recommendations list you can subsrcibe to via rss. I got nearly the whole of her first album that way as a free mp3 download – which spurred me to buy more of her work, proving that model rocks:)

    Look for ‘Ra is a busy god’. Adore that, one of my favourite songs of all time now:)

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