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QMx Will Have A Full Scale TARDIS Replica At SDCC, And You Can Get Your Picture Taken With It.

I almost got myself in trouble over the news yesterday, because I sorta tweeted as soon as I heard (and I have this habit of being all squee and no sanity ::grin:: ) however, I now have pictures so I’m glad I waited a bit.

These are preview pictures of the TARDIS replica that’ll be at the QMx booth during SDCC. If you’re wondering, yeah, it’s to scale. Gorgeous, 9 foot tall, real wood, blue epic scale.

And, yeah, you’ll be able to get a picture coming out of it. ;-)

So, dress up, bring your sonics and your best Amy Pond cosplay, because QMx is bringing a TARDIS to booth 2944 at SDCC.


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