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QMx Just Released A New Warehouse 13 Farnsworth iPhone App. (insert squee here)

Reason # 1247 why I love my job? Because we have now created an app that turns your iPhone into a Farnsworth.

QMx Interactive has created the Farnsworth Video Communicator, which let’s you turn your iPhone (or iPad and iPod Touch) into a Farnsworth. I’ve already sent and received my first messages and I LOVE it. Plus the messages from Claudia and Artie are adorable ;-)

Check out the Farnsworth Video Communicator in the App Store.

p.s. My boss and I have a little bet on how many WH13 geeks I can get to DL it, so if ya love me and wanna help me win… ::grin::




    You must have known the hubby and I are planning to be Artie and Claudia next Halloween.


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