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QMx Announces River Tam Maquette and Mule Replica.

I’m not sure how they’ve learned to suck the money out of my wallet so skillfully, but QMx has done it again.

They’re announced the latest in the Big Damn Heroes animated maquette line and it’s none other than River Tam.

I know I’ll sound like a bloodthirsty wench when I say it. I don’t care. I think it looks amazing.

But were they done? Not likely.

Nope. They also announced the Serenity MF-813 Flying Mule Replica and, while I may have to rob someone to buy it, don’t think I’m not trying to find a way to make it mine.

If you want them, I suggest you pre-order. Both of them are limited and if previous orders are any indication, they’re going to go fast.

Both of them are up at Entertainment Earth now for pre-order (and, before you ask, nope you don’t have to pay for them until they come into stock)

Serenity Big Damn Heroes River Tam Animated Maquette $69.99 [Product Page]
Serenity MF-813 Flying Mule Replica $349.99 [Product Page]


  1. I had seen the River statue already (love it!) but this is my first time seeing the mule, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. I wish I had extra money right now!

  2. That whole “dance of death” with River was actually one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi Scenes.

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