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Politics, Voting and The Fox & Friends Reaction To The Rally To Restore Sanity

I generally keep the politics off the blog and try to keep it to myself. But grant me just a little leeway today.

1) If you’re in the US — Vote. Please go vote. I don’t care who you vote for, but if you have the means, vote. Because your voice is just as important and because, if you don’t vote you don’t get to bitch. I don’t even care if you vote just so you get to bitch if your guy loses. Just vote.

2) My mom went to the Pally to Restore Sanity over the weekend. My 68 year old mom took her friends and her cane and her whole lotta moxie and headed for DC. I don’t think I could be any more enamored of her than I am right now. She’s not a protester, she’s not a radical, she’s a homebody. But she went because she felt strongly enough about the need for sanity and respect and a coherent dialogue in this country.

I saw this clip of Fox and Friends today.

My first reaction was..huh? Then confusion, then anger, then a mild rant. But me ranting doesn’t help coherent dialoge.

So, just this comment and I move on: I don’t understand how someone in the news media knows who Cat Steven’s is, but doesn’t know he changed his name to Yusaf Islam years ago.

Maybe I should have been a flower child. ::ponder::



  1. Sigh… Fox and its fools are depressing and dangerous.

    If you go flower child on us, come to my drum circle… We have acoustic guitars and cookies. ;j

  2. WOW! Way to pull out that timely Salman Rushdie refrence. I guess he bought a copy of that 80’s book.

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