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Oh, Adam Lambert, You Cause Me Glee!

I’m not sure if this is a strike for or against me, but I’m going to say it.

I now officially love Adam Lambert.

This has to be one of the coolest covers for a single in a long time.

And it doesn’t seem to stop there. Apparently his media team decided that they’re going to promote the hell out of his over the top, flamboyant awesome and I -love- it.

Maybe it’s because I’m still a bit sad that he waited until Idol was over to “come out” (as if we didn’t know) because he was worried what people might think (that still amazes me!) if there was an openly gay person on Idol (No, Seacrest doesn’t count! ::duck::).

But, either way — it’s out now. He’s gone completely over the top and he’s frakkin’ David Bowie/Freddy Mercury/Glam Rock/gender bending sexy!

Oh and, he’s already pushing boundaries. Seems he went and kissed a boy on the AMA’s last night and liked it ;-) (If you’re looking, check around 3:27. The keyboard player gets it! Thanks Mashable for the heads up.) Not to mention, this is one HELL of a performance. Britney and Madonna would be proud!

On a side note, is it strange that I had this thought that Kurt Hummel might be an Adam Lambert waiting to happen? ::grin::

And before the Glee fans come out in force to kill me, don’t tell me Kurt wouldn’t LOVE it.

p.s. Someone, anyone, PLEASE, photoshop me a pic of a Lambert-ized Kurt so I can prove my point?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I love Adam Lambert! He’s the hottest guy ever… Too bad he’s gay… I really like his album For Your Entertainment, it blew me away! And I’m very excited for his new music video (If I Had You)! I think it’s awesome of him to be gay and to be able to stand for it and be that popular, both with the girls and the guys.

    And I think that Chris Colfer might be an Adam Lambert waiting to happen. Have you heard him singing in Bad Romance? It’s amazing! It’s one of my favorite songs because of him!

  2. And here you had me thinking that Glambert was going to play Kurt’s boyfriend. Don’t toy with a fangirl’s soul like that!

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