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#notsosecretsanta Star Wars Christmas Bounty Hunting!

It’s Christmas Eve, I’m at work, I have internet and the bosses are out.

Know what that means? That means I gotta cause trouble and find a way to stir things up a bit.

So, I had this idea. A Twitter gift exchange. First I thought of a Secret Santa, but since you know who’s giving the gift, I couldn’t use that…

However, I am not one to be deterred, so I have created a “Not So Secret Santa” giveaway.

This is my contribution. The corner’s a little dented, but he’s otherwise perfect.

If you want to see better item detail, here’s the link at Entertainment Earth.

He’ll be gifted today and mailed out after the holiday. Wanna enter? Check Twitter and look for the #notsosecretsanta tag to win ;-)

Want to play along and be a #notsosecretsanta? Great! The more the merrier!

Edit at 1:00 PST:

Wow! @thinkgeek @NSSteph and @NerdHeroine have jumped into the #notsosecretsanta party!

Thanks so much for sharing the love and holiday spirit!

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