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My SDCC Schedule, in a nutshell ;-)

Okay, if you’re looking for me at Comic Con, I’m liable to be in these few places.

1) Most of the time I’ll be workin’  at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343. Between the signings and all the stuff we’ve got going on, I’ll have lots to do — but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop by and say ;-)

2) Thursday, July 22 5:30-6:30 I’ll be here.

Geek Girls Exist— Really? Kristin Rielly (Geek Girls Network) leads a discussion about growing up geek, turning passions into careers, and who shot first. Representing the many awesome aspects of the geek culture, panelists Morgan Romine (The Frag Dolls), Bonnie Burton (The Star Wars Craft Book), Marian Call (singer/songwriter), Sarah Kuhn (One Con Glory), Jill Pantozzi (Has Boobs Reads Comics blog), Veronica Belmont (Qore), Kari Byron (MythBusters), and Kiala Kazebee ( school you on what it means to be a real geeky girl and even make you LOL IRL. Room 8

3) Friday, July 23rd from 8pm till whenever?

I’ll be at the Geek Girls and Friends tweet up at Jolt n Joes. ::grin:: Likely with a drink. So feel free to come by and bring a camera.

4) I’m supposed to go home Saturday unless I find a place to sleep. I’m staying Saturday night and, as far as I can tell, no plans yet. But, yay!

That’s pretty much it. If I’m not in those 3 places I’m either a) sleeping, b) eating 3) in the bathroom or d) drunk and passed out. And, really, I’m not real entertaining at those times, so you don’t need to hang out with me during ;-)

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  1. Have a wonderful time!!

    I am going to some women in gaming panels when I attend Gen Con. I wish I was able to come to listen in on that panel at Comic Con!

  2. moffattbooks moffattbooks

    you left out loot hunting, squeeing at megastars, and psychic fights with other geeks over the last item on different tables

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