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My Recap Of The Blacklist. Which Isn’t A Recap But Proves I’m A Twisted Individual

I had a Twitter exchange with The Blacklist writer Brandon Sonnier on Monday night after Jon Bokencamp tweeted about him.

It was a fun tongue in cheek conversation about me hoping the episode was good and him confidently grinning.

I’ve already let Brandon know that he was right and I loved the episode but I figured I’d expand on why just for fun.

1) Things like the line in the pic up top. More than once I was left with this utterly giddy feeling as I saw the James Spader I fell in love with in Tuff Turf, Pretty In Pink and Less Than Zero. The charmer. The man who can just as easily slip into a high tea as he can a dive bar.

2) Red going back and handling every loose end in regard to those responsible for helping Anslo Gerrick. I also think that it says a lot that Luli wasn’t put to rest until the loose ends were handled. Red wasn’t getting revenge for him. He was getting it for her. Yes, he killed those people, but in his logic, they deserved it. He’s cleaning up a mess. Fuck you if you caused it.

3) The Good Samaritan. Oh man, I LOVE when serial killers scare me on a TV show because of what they say and think. The focus on the talk and not on the pain he inflicted was much creepier and more enthralling that what I see on shows like Criminal Minds. I don’t want to watch you cut someone up. I want to watch you talk about it and then cut to the killer’s face when he actually does it.

Plus, Frank Whaley. The casting on the show is just perfect. The second I saw him, I knew. I knew he was the bad guy, so there was this sort of glee as I watched it all unfold.

Yes, I said glee. Don’t look at me that way.

Brandon is responsible for my two fave Blacklisters so far. TGS and The Stewmaker. One day I’m going to go into every Manhunter reference I think I saw on that show and ask if I was right. Another post for another time.

Anyway, those are the thoughts. Feel free to share yours. I’m interested to see what people thought.

Oh and, just spotted. I love knowing this.

#TheBlacklist Fun fact – Spader really learned how to field strip a pistol for the Aram scene. Those aren’t stunt hands! @johneisendrath
— Brandon Sonnier (@BrandonSonnier) January 14, 2014

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