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Music Thoughts, Grace of my Heart and Xena?

It started with talk of American Idol. Then the iPod got on a certain play list and now I’m having one of those melancholy but wistful moments over the time I spent singing in Vegas and LA.

So, just for fun, I thought I’d post a couple singers that never made it “big” but who I’ve managed to find over the years and am quite happy to own their CD’s.

Kristen Vigard

This song is in Grace of my Heart and, while Illeana does a great job of lip syncing, Kristin’s voice is magic.

If you haven’t discovered Judith Owen, she’s another of my treasures. Check out her website.

On a side note, during my search of Judith Owen songs, someone did a really amazing Xena/Gabrielle video to Judith’s song I Promise You. Yes, I’m a Xena/Gabby shipper. Heh. I found a plethora of Xena/Gabby vids. Who knew!

Did you know the girl have “coffee talk” vids where they watch the eps?

Oooohkay, back to the point. Wait, I had a point?

There’s also actress and singer Kathleen Wilhoite, the ethereal Corrine May, and if you’ve never heard Danny Peck

I’m sure you have a couple people like this. The ones who just haven’t quite “hit” yet, but who you know and love. Hopefully you’ll share.


  1. I adore adore adore Kathleen Wilhoite. Her album “Pitch Like a Girl” is one of my all-time favorites.

    I also quite like Devil Doll (’t know why she’s not bigger, she certainly seems to tour a lot.

  2. I’m an X/G shipper which is weird because I don’t watch the show. But my little sister’s a huge fan & also a lesbian, she was BIG into X/G and somehow all the stuff she sent me (fan mashups and the like) caught on. Xena’s one of those things I would love to watch if only I had the time…but it’s always going to lose to BSG or even Star Trek reruns.

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