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Monday Squee: I Can Haz Soap & Pirates?

I’ll make it quick. Dear Accoutrements, I LOVE you.

I hopped on this morning and discovered:

Absinthe SoapAbsinthe Soap

Bacon Soap
Bacon Soap and

Eggnog Soap

Eggnog Soap

There’s also Pickle Soap, Chef Soap, & Crazy Cat Lady Cat Food Soap!

But then I started looking at more of the stuff we added and it just got better.

Pirate Adhesive Bandages Pirate Adhesive Bandages for scrapes.

Instant Excuse Ball an Instant Excuse Ball for those days you just can’t think of one.

Monkey Vinyl Shower Curtain
A Monkey Vinyl Shower Curtain

and my personal fave:

Patron Saint of Hangovers Figure

The Patron Saint of Hangovers Figure

This is just a small sampling of the coolness we added, so I suggest you check out the rest here. If nothing else, it’s good for a Monday giggle ;-)


  1. so dey wants puppehs n kittehs to eat soap, huh?

  2. Amy Amy

    EE has Absinthe soap?? Cool!! :D

    I like using punctuation in doubles..

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