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Meet Andronikos Revel, SWTOR’s Pirate With The Voice Of Spike Spiegel. #geekgasm

It’s been a while, partially because of the holidays and — more recently — because I have fallen into the gaming oblivion of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Warning, includes game spoilers. (Even if I consider them…enhancements. ::grin:: )

Aside from loving the game, which i do with a fiery passion (I promise to explain in detail at a later date) last night I discovered Andronikos Revel.

I promptly died of the happy because, as I discovered the other day, Andronikos is voiced by Steve Blum aka the man who was the voice of Spike Spiegel aka the voice that launched a thousand geekgasms.

But today…today it got even better. It turns out that Revel is available as a companion for the Sith Inquisitor class after you do the quest line.

I knew he was in the game, but reading the SWTOR Wikia, I discovered:

Adronikus Revel is a male companion character of the Sith Inquisitor – a bounty hunter and assassin obtainable once the player has progressed the Inquisitor story missions to Tatooine.

He is prefered over Khem Val by most Sith Assassins, due to his damage output. However, Khem Val is still the superior tank.

You can aquire Andronikus’ customization for 12500 credits from Keth, the Custmomization vendor at the Brell Sediment, Taris.


Yeah. Romance-able.

I’m gonna get to have conversations like this in the game.

Um. I’ll be in my bunk? ;-)



  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    When you send him on a mission and he says, “I’m your man” I giggle like a little girl.

  2. my boyfriend is quite enjoying the fact that i melt when i hear his raspy voice … mmmmmm. yeah, a girl could get into this. GOOD job, bioware!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    As a geekgirl IRL, I just have to say that there is something about the way he says “Just tell me where you want to go” that makes killing mobs the last thing I’m thinking about. Oh and an interesting note, I swear his tone of voice gets much more suggestive the higher the affection level gets! ^^

  4. Steve Blum is the man, but for my buck I am a fan of Mako voiced by Lacey Chabert ;)

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