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Man Raises Concerns Over ‘Serial Killer’ Doll (and I must LOL)

The story broke on Ohio’s CBS affiliate 10TV News. Mr Schultz is outraged that Toys R Us would sell a “serial killer” doll.

It’s a Dexter Action Figure.

Yes. Really.

If you watch the video, you may find yourself just as torn as the female newscaster during this, who’s trying to keep a straight face and sort of fails. Plus, is it me, or does she wanna play with the doll?

But, seriously, this guy’s having an issue with Toys R Us stocking a toy about a fictional serial killer why? Note that the manufacturer Bif Bang Pow clearly marked it 18+ and you can view their response to the story here.

I guess he’s never been in the video game aisle. Maybe because he’s spending too much time in the Barbie aisle?

This guy needs a little less time on his hands, methinks.

Edit: I have to add, this story got published by CNN Networks to all kinds of news stations, but isn’t on CNN itself. Some of the comments are…priceless.



  1. I have the Dexter doll and I got it from Entertainment Earth. I love it! I don’t think most kids would even know what it is by looking at it. If they do then they either have really cool parents (who teach them stuff and put things in context) or really crappy parents that let them watch too much TV. lol. Either way it’s no scarier than anything else in the horror genre.


  2. B B

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the story on CNN. I mean, REALLY?

  3. Good thing people don’t put movies like “Hostel” or “The Human Centipede” in the same stores where you can buy “Little Einsteins” and “Scooby-Doo.”

    Oh, wait.

    Like seriously? He has a problem with something that is clearly labeled for adults?

    And because the action figure is of a serial killer? Where was he when McFarlane Toys did all the slasher movie villain figures?

    Hell, what about Casper the Friendly Ghost? Obviously Casper wasn’t always an undead spirit. Is he, like Bart and Lisa Simpson posited, the ghost of Richie Rich?

    You want to get upset about something in a toy store, how about the human-machine hybrid abominations on the island of Sodor: Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

    I myself am offended by Bratz dolls, but my reaction to that is to not buy them for my kids. You like em, you buy em.

    I don’t go on a tirade because a store sells something I don’t like.

    Well, except for any store that sells “Batman and Robin.” Because, I mean, come on.

  4. I recall a great looking doll from the eighties called “Maxx FX”, basically a new version of Captain Action, except he dressed as movie monsters and villains. Freddy Kruger was one of the first releases, and alas, the only release. Parent’s groups came out against the idea of a child molester becoming a “children’s” toy and the line died a death. Shame – it looked REAL good.

    Anyone remember the hoohah when a woman saw the WWF wrestler Al Snow’s figure and assumed his “manager” Head (a mannequin that he believed spoke to him) was supposed to be an ACTUAL woman’s head? Rather than try to explain to the woman the facts, Wal-mart pulled the doll from the whole chain, and Al’s career vanished with it.

    “To summarize the summarization of the summary…people are a problem”
    –Douglas Adams

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