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Jam City Rollergirls Is Derby Awesome For The Wii

This is one for my Derby Girls and the gamer babes. ;-)

Jam City Rollergirls for the Wii.

I wanna play. ::nodnod::

This is from the site:

At the risk of repeating ourselves, JAM CITY ROLLERGIRLS is Earth’s first roller derby video game of consequence, and will be released TODAY, JANUARY 24TH, AT 11 AM CST for the Nintendo Wii! The game will be DOWNLOAD ONLY because parking at stores is such a pain, so you’ll need to hook your Nintendo Wii up to the internet in order to purchase and download the game, which is actually so easy even we could do it. Best of all, the game will only set you back 1000 dollars! Wait, we meant 1000 Nintendo points, not 1000 dollars. 1000 Nintendo points is like 10 dollars, not 1000 dollars. We regret the error, although we were sort of close.

You can check it out here. Thanks Susan for the tip!


  1. It looks pretty good for a downloadable title. Love the taunts. I hope that’s customizable too

  2. D D

    Awesomesauce! Thanks for posting this! I don’t think I would have hear about it otherwise!!

  3. This looks pretty cool. WiiWare has been releasing some very interesting titles lately. From games such as this that has a little more complexity to it (love that Nintendo is starting to implement character customization) to simple games like Fluidity which is so addictive.

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