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It’s My Birthday and Here’s What I Want ;-)

It’s my birthday and, because I only get this chance once a year, I get to tell you what I want ;-)

1) Tell someone today how much they mean to you. The best thing you can give anyone is your time and attention, especially in this day and age where we move so fast.

If fact, I’ll start. I think you’re amazing. No, that’s not a line. I really do think people are amazing and I appreciate the fact that some days it’s work just getting out of bed in the morning. You live, you love, you soldier on and that’s really amazing.

2) If I get to dream, I want Nathan Fillion and Gavin DeGraw to wish me a happy birthday. ::grin::

3) If you read this blog and like it, them tell a friend. I made a decision this year to follow a dream and one of the big things I have to do as a part of that is up my traffic so I can do things like get advertising.

There’s also a new GGD Facebook page and if it’s easier to click like and share on Facebook, there should be that option right to the right of this post on my blog.

4) Finally, what I really want more than anything is for all of us to be happy. To smile, and be loved and enjoy the people around us.

I hope I get my wish ;-)

Much love,


  1. Those are some great wishes.

    Happy birthday to you! I hope it’s wonderful!

  2. I will do my part to give you your birthday wishes! I can’t promise Nathan Fillion, but there’ll be a very special Pop Bunker post here soon! You’ll know it when I post it!
    Also, I think you’re fantastic. You have a kind word and a smile for everyone, and you never stop cheering us all on, even when you’re having a hard day.

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