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It Is By Will Alone I Set My Mind In Motion.

Want to know how to get me really excited?

Use these words in a sentence: Brad Dourif.

I’m wandering through my reading and come across this story about Priest mentioning that Mr. Dourif and Christopher Plummer are joining the cast? Yeah, I clicked. That’s how easy I am.

::grin:: You have to understand, I love Paul Bettany, and vampire movies are also a draw. But I’ve just let this one dance along on the edges of my conscious, until today. Because of Brad Dourif. ::purr::

It’s the hand movements he tossed into his Piter DeVries. The sweet pained innocence of Billy Bibbit? The surety that we all have upon seeing him in Alien 3 that he’s up to no good and yet, just delighting in watching him coo at the alien baby before it eats his face.

He’s one of those rare and awesome Hollywood character actors. One of Those Guys. You know, the one you sort of point to and snap and say “oh DUDE, it’s that guy! I love him!” But one who’s been working longer than people might even know and who geeks like me know by name. (Stephen Tobolowsky, Paul Giamatti and Joe Pantoliano all fall into that category for me, and yeah, I knew who Joey Pants was WAY before Matrix ;p )

So, yeah. Brad Dourif? I love you.

::grin:: And I can even scream your name correctly. Just sayin’.

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