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I Left My Heart – er, brain, San Diego.

Back from SDCC and I keep meaning to write about it, but all I feel is this jumble of experiences rolling around in my head like bingo balls.

But, in short, I will say this:

Man, did I learn -alot-.

So, while I formulate my thoughts and try and parse them into easily recognizable words, I leave you with this lovely image and my hope that next year I can be this gothy cool at SDCC ;-)

And I swear, I’ll get this out of my head eventually..

And I am just about to die of laughing. I looked for a clip of a movie I did for EVER ago and, remember the mention of being on my knees in front of Donald Sutherland?

Heh. (For the record, this is rather NSFW in places)

Gods, we were all so YOUNG!

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