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I know a guy who owns a candy shop & he did me a favor ;-)

Remember when I did Gishwhes and my team and I managed to get all sorts of crazy things done?

Well, one of the people who helped us do that was Bear Silber and I wanted to make sure I thanked him personally.

Bear is the owner of Powell’s Sweet Shoppe and he helped my team and I create our own ice cream flavor.

Yeah, picture this. I sent Bear an email because I knew he owned Powells after we had an email chat about his nomtastic mock up of Moreos — and I asked him for help with my Gishwhes task.

Bear, in an act true awesomeness, made it happen and S’moregasm ice cream was born.

So, this is my thank you to Bear and my suggestion that you check out Powell’s Sweet Shoppe.

Cause both of them are awesome.

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