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I found a way to give gifts in my jammies. Sweet.

I preface this by saying I don’t get a commission for this, but if you do buy something it helps a friend out ;-) I also think it’s really cool. Okay, disclaimer out of the way. Mwah!

My friend Michael works for a company called and, while they may be a multi level marketing program and do all kinda of business building affiliates, I think their retail promo sucks.

Here’s the short version.

If you have an account with SendOutCards, you can send actual physical greeting cards from the comfort of your home and computer. You can use your online address book, you never have to get out of your jammies, and you can personalize them with pictures, signatures and gifts.

So, all the benefits of sending an actual card without having to go out to the store and buy a card or gift, at a price that’s comparable or less than the cost of an actual greeting card.

Case in point? I got this in the mail from Michael this weekend.

(For the record, he’s early on my b-day, but he didn’t tell me not to open it. heh)

Anyway, the box contained brownies (nom) and a card (yay) personalized and signed by Michael and his wife.  If you consider how busy he and I both are, the odds of us meeting up to make this happen in person (on time) are slim to none.

But he was able to do this on his his own time, from home (doing heaven knows what, I don’t want to know) and I got a lovely present.

This is why I think the SendOutCards retail site blows.

Because this is actually a really cool service. It doesn’t cost a lot. It’s easy and, considering how busy everyone is, it seems like a super smart way to go for the holidays.

You can check it out here (yes, that’s Michael smiling away on the site) and send a card or two if you’re up for it.

I mean, think about it — $2.99 is less than you’d pay at the drugstore for a card and you don’t have to put on pants ;-)


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