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Hot, Female Warcraft “Pro” Explains “Cataclysm” (My brain melts) Updated*

Part of me wants to get angry and rant about the fact that videos like this are one of the reasons people don’t take girls playing Warcraft seriously.

But part of me is so utterly fascinated that this even exists that I just…can’t..think.

Someone has to tell me who this chick is. I’m betting she’s some sort of porn star trying to “titillate” her male followers. But I think porn stars are smarter than this young lady.

Thanks for the tip @TheSpeakman. I’ll kill you later for hurting my head.

Update at 3:00: Wow, news already. Apparently this was real. She actually got mentioned on Attack of The Show and she’s happy about it.



  1. She’s real and she does other video game reviews. The bits I could slog through are painful. And the jump cuts are epilepsy inducing.

  2. I really hope this doesn’t become viral because this may be one of those things that scars a person for life. I kinda feel bad for her. My advice for her is to embrace the oncoming hoard of nerds pouncing on her obviously innocent soul…

    …ttly jk. I can’t WAIT to see what happens next!!!! I hope she gets a talk show!

  3. Clearly a failed lobotomy, they took too much; or rather sadly not enough to kill her.

  4. all the time I was waiting for her to promise me cake, or give me a companion cube…

  5. Whoa. And I thought nothing could irritate me more than that God of War 3 commercial where the girl whines at the camera, “But since my boyfriend got it, he’s been totally ignoring meeee!!!!”

    No, wait, that still irritates me more.

    But this chick is definitely a close second.

  6. It’s kind of interesting how when a girl gamer does something stupid, she’s considered (by some) to be a disgrace to girl gamers, whereas when a guy gamer does something stupid, he’s just a stupid gamer (or, at best, a disgrace to all gamers…not just male ones). At least in general. Maybe this girl is a disgrace to white WoW players. Or brunette ones. Or [whatever her age is]-year-old gamers.

    OK, rant over, sorry. Yeah, that video is exceedingly painful to watch. The pronunciation is one thing, but why on Earth does she need to splice it together in 2-word clips? Her response video to the Attack of the Show feature is a little better. A little.

  7. wthell!!..i mean..dosen’t she know how to read?:))catakalism? what’s that…and it’s like she can’t move..she talks like a robot:)) girls like this give real Warcraft gamettes a bad name:))they should be banned:))

  8. Heh. With all the bouncing of frames around, I almost want to see the outtakes. Almost.

    Perhaps she has a learning disorder? At least she’s pretty. *pets her hair*

  9. Did you see her response video “Attackaclysm of the Show?”

    Yea….watch it.

  10. This is a parody… right?

    If I tell myself it is enough times, hopefully it’ll become one.

  11. I powered thru and watched the whole thing. The “wor-jen” almost killed me, as well as the nauseating two-word clips. Literally, the jumps made me feel pukey.

    Who am I kidding, the whole THING made me pukey. Dear gods. She represents everything wrong in this world. *headdesk*

  12. I couldn’t finish watching. Why is the video shot in 2-word bits? Is that all she could remember between takes?
    And somebody needs to teach her how to pronounce “Cataclysm.”

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