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Going to SDCC. What Can I See For You? ;-)

SDCC is closer and closer and I keep finding myself checking my mental pockets and feeling like I’m forgetting something.


Definitely looking forward to it and super excited.

Now I just need to know what you folks want to know about and see and hear about. So, I’m up for suggestions ;*

What can GGD do for you?


  1. Just have a great time and see everything! I’m looking forward to your tweets, hoping that it’ll be a substitute for actually going…

  2. Ach, it is hard to say – Love star trek, still not sold on the new movie….surprise me.

  3. Yes panel stuff, costumes/characters…I just love that joy(!) that people have to don the persona. Anything Whedon, Eureka, ack I am so far removed from sdcc world it’s like being on another planet. I plan to go to a con too but what to choose, where to choose. And will prolly have to wait until all that Olympic nonsense is over. Barrrg!

  4. Ironman 2 and Lost…any inside scoops or entertaining/informative tidbits from panels would be much appreciated! So jealous… I’m going to DragonCon, and we get many actors and insiders there as well, but nowhere near the level of SDCC!

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