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Geeks In Advertising. Help Me Crowdsource ;-)

I have an idea for a contest, but have no idea how to do it or if it would even work.

So, I’m gonna crowdsourse. ;-)

As you know, I work for Entertainment Earth (and if you don’t know, where have you BEEN?)

Anyway – I was thinking about doing a contest asking for videos after seeing this Dexter vid made by Showtime using the Dexter figure. Then I started thinking about asking for a 30 second vid/commercial/ad for Entertainment Earth.

My thought is we’d get submissions. Post a certain number to get voted on and feature the winner on the EE site?

But not sure if it’s something people would enjoy doing and would the promo on the site be a suitable prize?

Help me out here, Twitter and please share the link. I need input!

One Comment

  1. Hmm, contest good :) Exposure from promo’ing the vid on the site would be excellent and certainly would be a great enough prize in itself. (Swag is always good too, geeks are a greedy breed for that kind of stuff :P )

    Great idea, definitely worth taking a think over, maybe a theme with an EE exclusive as being required (A Joker Squad 30 second versus WoW figures free for all, maybe?).

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